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WOD from Hell… nah it was fun actually

Written By: Vinnie - Jan• 30•14

Good morning!!

The name of yesterday’s WOD was ‘Fight gone bad’ I totally understand it now! LOL WOW it kicked my ass but I completed thanks to a fellow Crossfitter not letting me give up and pushing me along!! (Thanks Spencer) I am sooooo sore today!!! It hurts so good LOL

During our warm up we ran a quick 400 meters which sounds like nothing to most of you I am sure, but for me, running is my nemisis and I can say that I ran 200 meters with out having to stop to walk… I ran a good bit of the way back but had to walk some but WOOT for the first 200! I ¬†WILL get there!



Today’s WOD is:

Strength: Front squat 8×2@ 88%.

WOD: Death by 10 meters. (you run 10 meters at a time, starting at 1, then 2, 3…so on, until you fail to make the number before time runs out within a minute.)


C made his walnut and creole crusted chicken strips again last night (I remembered to take a pic) I will get him to post the recipe soon… they are soooooo good!

photo (3)SOOOOO good! I will get him to post about this snazzy new baking mat he got last weekend that allows air to get under the food and be crispy with out having to flip it! Really cool!

Drank damn near 2 gallons of water yesterday… woah! LOL

Have a great day everyone… and don’t forget to GET UP and GET MOVING!!!