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A week off and missing CFB already

Written By: Vinnie - Feb• 04•14

Hello guys!

I have a crazy busy week this week with therapies for Seb and other prior engagments so I am missing this whole week at Crossfit and I missing it all already!! But I will be doing stuff that I can do at home (ie: squats, pushups, lunges, burbees, jumprope and so on)!!


I am happy to report that my little premie is doing so well that he did NOT qualify for OT and that is awesome news!! Just means he is more on track than he was 6 months ago and now we will have another PT eval to see how much he is truly needing that!! Woot!! SO proud of him! Today we see his speech therapist! Can’t wait to see what she has to say since she only comes once every 2 months!! He is almost 18 months old and they stop the ‘adjusted’ age then! I am very pleased and proud of how far my little rockstar has come! Friday was a year since his major head reconstuction surgery and you would never even know now, the scar is totally hidden in his hair!

photo (4)

C and I have been doing the nutrition plan pretty good with only a few little cheats here and there but it is not realistic to not cheat at all! Water intake is still going great and my favorite thing is still my almondmilk ‘shake’ with a banana!

Today I think I will do more squats and some burpees weeeeeeee lol