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Back to the grind

Written By: Vinnie - Feb• 10•14

WOW I have missed going to CrossFit so much this past week, but life called and had other plans LOL!! I am ready to start this week off right!!! C and I were not the best at sticking to our diet but we didn’t get too crazy! I had my sushi and that makes me very happy (totally my fave thing here lately) I did some squats and push ups and some sit ups too though to keep a little bit of exercise going but I slacked there too, I won’t lie!

I saw the WODs, yes that is plural, for tomorrow and I am excited for the first one but the second one… eeekkkk burpees kick my ass and anyone that says they are fun or they like them is just a little more insane than the rest of us that love CrossFit… at least this is what am telling myself LOL


Strength: Front squat 1 x 95%, 1 x100%, 1 x 100%, 1 x 100%, 1 x 95%

3 rounds of 10 push press and 10 air squats
25 push-ups
2 rounds of 10 push press and 10 air squats
25 push-ups
1 round of 10 push press and 10 air squats
25 push-ups

50 burpees.


… OK off Crossfit topic for a second.. are you a midnight snacker? I AM!!! And it SUCKS! I am up a lot with Seb through the night for various reasons, just wants to be held or teeth hurt and so on. But I almost always wake up on my own at some point through the night and I am like a mouse in a pantry… always want something to snack on… drives me crazy!! I know I am doing it when I do it but it is not until the next morning that I am like WTH?! I remember seeing talk shows back in the day, before Maury was all about ‘whos my baby daddy’ crap … I remember one in specific about a nighttime snacker and this woman actually changed and pad locked her fridge! Problem is … I am not sleep walking.. I KNOW I AM DOING IT (plus I am typing this blog and it is 4:30am)! Ok, that is all I have to say about that… just a confession!

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend and has an even better week this week! Are you watching the Olymics? What is your favorite Winter sport

GET UP and GET MOVING friends!!