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New lotion, cleaners, cookies and of course Seb!

Written By: Vinnie - Feb• 25•13

I found and tried some new products this weekend that I would like to share with you all. I was looking for some new lotion at Walmart and I ran across a new Gold Bond lotion designed for Diabetics… WHAT?!?! COOL I am always in search for a good foot cream so I got the foot cream to try out…



new lotion for diabeticsLike all the Gold Bond products they are a little pricey but they are worth it to me. I LOVE the foot cream, it soaks in quickly and is not too greasy. I have used it several days in a row now and I can def tell it is a great product! Maybe next week I will try the regular lotion too! They only had one left of each of them so I am thinking other people have been pleased also.
Here it is on Amazon, check it out: Gold Bond Diabetic Skin Relief Foot Cream, 3.4 Ounce



I have been seeing commercials for a new product from Windex called ‘Touch ups’ and I had not been able to find them yet in the stores around here… UNTIL this weekend WOOT LOL


windex touch up


windex touchups I boughtThe yellow one is for the kitchen and the blue is for anywhere… I got one of each and now want one more for my spare bath.  You can use a paper towel, tissue or toilet paper. You just push down on top of the dispenser a time or two and do your cleaning!!! So awesome! Just makes wiping up and cleaning up tooth paste spots or water spots on the faucet a cinch between cleanings in the bathroom and for the kitchen… same thing… just makes it not even a thought! C loves to use them to! He told me he wants one on his vanity in the bathroom too… guess he doesn’t like to share mine haha!

Windex Touch Up Antibacterial Cleaner Bathroom Fresh Scent, 10 Ounce

Windex Touch Up Antibacterial Cleaner Kitchen, Glistening Citrus, 10 Ounce

This weekend was beautiful and now that Seb is 3 weeks past his surgery we decided to go do some shopping as a family! WOOT! We took him to Costco and to Best Buy. He fell asleep on the way to Best Buy and when I got him out of the car and into the stroller he never even woke so I left his little sunglasses on…

seb shopping in styleHe woke up when we were about to leave the store and then at Costco he was a awake the whole time and everyone just loved his little hat. I am so glad he leaves his hats on, he may pull them off when he gets a little older but he looks so cute in them. C wore a hat the same style and they looked so cute together. Seb got so many compliments!!! He is one stylin’ little man!!!  It was so very nice to be able to go shopping as a family… it has been quite a while just because we needed to really really keep Seb from getting sick at all before his surgery.

We have been introducing him to solid food (well more solid than formula that is) slowly over the last week, so far he LOVES pears, bananas, sweet potatoes and squash… the only thing he does NOT like so far is apples. He gagged on them :( poor guy! lol

seb loves squash

Seb is eating the squash here mixed with oatmeal. :)

We have been sitting him in his highchair while we eat so he can get used to being at the table with us and also see us using a fork and spoon and he is doing so well. Tonight he started opening his mouth when he saw the spoon coming to him. :)

seb eating a wash cloth

He usually just plays while we eat and in this pic he got on of his rings on his wrist while chewing his wash cloth lol silly boy!

I saw a pin on Pintrest a long time ago with a Lemon cake cookie… so I got some lemon cake mix and also some strawberry cake mix at the store and was planning on making some strawberry cupcakes with Greek yogurt and using a sugar free icing… but that is not what happened… LOL

I made the Lemon cake cookies and they vanished… so C and I were talking and decided we would try and make strawberry ones just the same way… LOL

cake cookies lemon vs strawberry


They both were really good but being the Lemon freak I am I prefer the Lemon ones.

Here is the recipe in case you want to try them also

Lemon Cake Cookies
1 (18.25 ounce) package lemon cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon lemon extract (I used lemon juice and will try with some zest next time too)
1/3 cup confectioners’ sugar for decoration


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).

Pour cake mix into a large bowl. Stir in eggs, oil, and lemon extract until well blended. Drop teaspoonfuls of dough into a bowl of confectioners’ sugar. Roll them around until they’re lightly covered. Once sugared, put them on an ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake for 6 to 9 minutes in the preheated oven. The bottoms will be light brown, and the insides chewy.

For the Strawberry Cake cookies I did everything the same except I used a nice sized scoop of sugar free strawberry preserves. And they were yummy too!!!

So when you are in the mood to splurge a little I totally recommend them!!

This Friday we take Seb for his one month follow up dr appointment since his surgery… WOW a month already!! Can’t wait to see what the Docs have to say about how well he has done and great he looks!!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!!





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  1. I bought 3 of those windex things this weekend. Only I got them backwards, I got 2 yellow ones for the bathroom and a blue for the kitchen. Just finished cleaning the bathrooms and I love them!!!

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