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Healthy Cheesecake!! WHAT!? YES!!

Written By: SkinnyVinnieHubby - Aug• 04•11

C here again to make you hungry LOL SORRY.  But seriously, we all know we can find 1/2 and hour a few times a week to go work out (RIGHT??? You have been working out haven’t you?? LOL).  But we do have to eat all the time!  In fact I eat 6 or 7 times a day!  I’m thinking about food every few hours!  Its really biggest part of getting in shape and getting healthy!!  So remember, even if you had a cheat meal… or a cheat day (heck a cheat year or 2!) getting healthy starts with the very next bite!!  But then again, lets face it, we all love our comfort foods… I for one love me some cheesecake!  So, while looking around on the web the other day I found a recipe I wanted to try from the Bodybuilding.com forums. Its called “Layne and Isabel’s low carb cheesecake masterpiece”!

I gave it a try and OMG it is AMAZING!!

Here it is:

mmm cheesecake!

Mmmm Healthy Cheesecake!! YUM!

2 lbs no fat cream cheese
4 whole large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tablespoon cinnamon
4 oz (1/2 cup) low carb no fat milk
1 cup cooking splenda (sucralose)

preheat oven to 350 degrees
using no fat cooking spray, spray 9″ pie pan

mix ingredients together using an electric blender in a large bowl
pour mix into pregreased pan

heat at 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes
remove from oven and place in refrigerator

YOU MUST LET THIS SIT AT LEAST 4-5 HOURS IN THE FRIDGE if you want a decent cheesecake.

Totals (if you cut it up into 8 slices)
per slice

Protein- 20g
Carbohydrates- 6g
Fat- 2.25g

Chocolate or vanilla protein powder can be added to mix for flavor and more protein if desired.


So the pic is actually 1/2 a slice so it makes about 16 slices for the size I want. And, as you probably notice, there is CHOCOLATE  pudding on the top!! That is actually a sugarfree Jell-o Double Chocolate Pudding cup I spread over the top after the cheesecake was cool, then I dusted it with a few more left over toasted, ground up, almonds.

Now to figure up your calories you need to know that for each gram of fat, protein, and carb there is conversion to overall calories.  For future reference, it is:

Fat 1g = 9 cal
Protein 1g = 4 cal
Carbs 1g = 4 cal

So that comes to (fat 180)+(protein 24)+(Carbs 9)+(pudding 60 /8=7.5)

So that’s about 220 calories per full slice or, for the size I have abut 110.  NOT BAD AT ALL!!

Its still a fairly dense calorie snack (so dont eat the whole pan) but its a really healthy mix of macros and has almost no carb or sugars for you diabetics out there (Hi Vin!)

Hope it looks good to you, because it tastes GREAT!

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- C

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  1. D & R says:

    WOW that looks yummy !!!

  2. davidisfat says:

    That does look fantastic; I think I’ll prepare it for the next celebratory family dinner.


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