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Day 2 of Crossfit… SUCCESS!!

Written By: Vinnie - Jan• 08•14

Good morning friends!!

Crossfit was awesome yesterday, it occured to me that I should also include the warm up when I tell you what I did! The warm up alone is harder than some workouts!! LOL

Our warm up was arm streches, 10 leg swings per leg and 5 squats. Then we did lunges across half of the floor and toe touches the other half, then  ran 200 feet! For stregnth we did clean and split jerks. Since it was my first time with them, I did just regular clean and jerks to get my form down! My max weight was 65lbs, I am pleased with my first go at them!  Then it was onto the REAL workout… we did 8 pullups/8 box jumps as many reps as we could in 8 minutes. I have never in my life been able to do a real pullup, I have used and assitant machine in a gym and gotten very close tho. So I was to jump off a box as high I could to get my chest as high over the bar as possible. Then move to the box… I had a 12 inch box at first.. doesn’t sound like all the much but my mind was like ‘are you serious?’ Every time I started to jump I just stood there, scared my knees would give out! My coach noticed and came to my rescue and I told him I was scared LOL he ok hang on… came back to me with  a 45lb weight that is probably 4″, and it was even hard for me but I was able to do the 8 jump ups onto it. My issues is keeping my feet together… I automatically want to do like a step up and not a jump! Once time was up, I had completed 4 rounds of 8 pull ups and 8 box jumps! I am pleased with my progress!

Todays work out will be Strength: Clean/jerk dip/jerk 3×2 and the WOD: 12 minute AMRAP of 6 burpee over the bar, 6 power snatch 115/75 and 6 pistols (3L/3R)!!! I know what a burpee is but I do not know what a power snatch or pistol is! I will let you all know tomorrow LOL

The second day of the diet went well, no real cravings for crap at all so far woot! For breakfast I had 2 eggs with one yolk removed and threw in some spinach… a scrambled omlet I will call it! Lunch was yellow squash, zucchini and rotisserie chicken. I snacked before work out and had some artichoke hearts, walnuts and cashews like the day before. Dinner was YUMMY, we had grilled cabbage steaks, sauteed spinach and chicken!! I had some freeze dried edamame for a snack! My water intake was a signigacant increase from the day before and for over all as well… 157 fl oz!!!! Needless to say I had to pee A LOT!!  LOL

Here are my meals from yesterday:

IMG_6074Breakfast was 2 eggs (one yolk removed) and scrambled with fresh spinach

IMG_6083Lunch was chicken and sauteed squash and zucchini from the night before

IMG_6086This was something new for us… a cabbage steak! I decided to have C grill them so it would be ready quicker but if you want to back them you can. Oven @350, salt, pepper and garlic sprinkled on both sides and cook for 30 mins then flip them for another 30 mins!!! The grill taste was amazing though I must say!!

IMG_6088For dinner we had grilled cabbage steaks, sauteed spinach and some more rotisserie chicken



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