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Not so good at getting back to the grind …

Written By: Vinnie - Feb• 12•14

Welllll my ‘getting back to the grind’ this week hasn’t panned out the way it was supposed to at all… Seb has not been feeling well and I hate to leave him when he doesn’t feel good… :( Today we have a couple therapies for him for him which always makes him groggy and then I have plans Thursday and Friday we have his 18 month check up. I am not makeing excuses and I fully intend to get back in the grind hopefully this next Monday! I miss my crossfit peeps!! Even though I have only been a going for a month and missed several days then too (life happens) I feel like a part of them and I miss them!


I know I know cry me a river right? LOL Just trying to stay motivated and keep doing stuff at home until I can get back to the Box tho!! I will get back to it hopefully now next week! C and I have gotten back on track more with our nutrition this week so that is wonderful and helps a lot!

Come on next Monday!!!